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Franz Paul Lachner (1803–1890)

Franz Paul Lachner (1803-1890) was born in Rain am Lech (Bavaria) and died in Munich where he went after the death of his first teacher, his father, in 1822. There he worked as a teacher, organist, cellist, violinist, horn player, double bass player and composer.

In 1823 he moved to Vienna where he became friendly with Beethoven and Schubert. He moved back to Munich in 1834, as conductor of the opera, and retired in 1868 (under pressure from Wagner who considered him to be too old-fashioned for the job).

As a composer his greatest influences were Mozart and Beethoven, but he was also inspired by his great firend Schubert, and by Mendelssohn and Spohr. His compositions include many songs, four operas, 8 symphonies, and a wealth of chamber music.

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