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Our repertoire

Here you can find a full list of the works we can offer, with links to composers' biographies and notes about the pieces. See also our set menu of programmes, or a la carte menu listing composers arranged into courses and flavours!
Alexander Alyabiev (1787–1851)
A homicidal Russian who wrote songs about nightingales
Siegfried Benzon (b. 1793)
Quintett Op. 11 in E Flat Major
Giulio Briccialdi (1818–1881)
Flute maker, Royal Tutor, and Asteroid
Quintet Op. 124 in D Major
Henri Brod (1799–1838)
A little man who made big oboes
Quintet Op. 2/2 in F Major
Quintet Op. 2/3 in C Major
Giuseppe Maria Cambini (1746–after 1818)
Kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave - allegedly. Also wrote the world's first wind quintet
"Trois Quintetti Concertans" No. 1 in B Flat Major
"Trois Quintetti Concertans" No. 2 in D Minor
"Trois Quintetti Concertans" No. 3 in F Major
Franz Danzi (1763–1826)
Lyrical quintets influenced by Eastern European folk melodies
Quintet Op. 56/1 in B Flat Major
Quintet Op. 56/2 in G Minor
Quintet Op. 56/3 in F Major
Quintet Op. 67/1 in G Major
Quintet Op. 67/2 in E Minor
Quintet Op. 67/3 in E Flat Major
Quintet Op. 68/1 in A Major
Quintet Op. 68/2 in F Major
Quintet Op. 68/3 in D Minor
Prosper-Didier (or Jean?) Deshayes (c. 1750–c. 1815)
Quintette No. 2 in D Major
  Folk influences and a singing style
Quintet No. 2 in E Flat Major
Franz Paul Lachner (1803–1890)
The man Wagner sacked
Quintet No. 1 in F Major
Quintet No. 2 in E Flat Major
Hans-Georg Lickl (1769–1843)
Lighthearted and theatrical
Quintetto Concertante in F Major
Friedrich Lindner (1795–1846)
Op. 1 in B Flat Major
Wilhelm Mangold (1796–1875)
A journalist who wrote wind quintets
Quintett No. 2 in D Major
Martin Joseph Mengal (1784–1851)
The man who re-wrote Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven — for wind quintet
Quintet after Beethoven in B Flat Major
Quintet after Haydn in B Flat Major
Quintet after Mozart in B Flat Major
Peter Muller (1791–1877)
Drei Quintette No. 1 in E Flat Major
Drei Quintette No. 2 in C Minor
Drei Quintette No. 3 in A Major
Georges Onslow (1784–1853)
An English aristocrat who became the French Beethoven
Quintet Op. 81/3 in F Major
Antonin Reicha (1770–1836)
Beethoven's childhood friend, whose quintets were the toast of Imperial Paris
Grand Quintetto in F Major
Quintetto 1 Op. 88/1 in E Minor
Quintetto 2 Op. 88/2 in E Flat Major
Quintetto 3 Op. 88/3 in G Major
Quintetto 4 Op. 88/4 in D Minor
Quintetto 5 Op. 88/5 in B Flat Major
Quintetto 6 Op. 88/6 in F Major
Quintetto 7 Op. 91/1 in C Major
Quintetto 8 Op. 91/2 in A Minor
Quintetto 9 Op. 91/3 in D Major
Quintetto 11 Op. 91/5 in A Major
Quintetto 12 Op. 91/6 in C Minor
Quintetto 13 Op. 99/1 in C Major
Quintetto 14 Op. 99/2 in F Minor
Quintetto 16 Op. 99/4 in D Major
Quintetto 18 Op. 99/6 in G Major
G. Rossini (1792–1868)
His chamber music is as operatic as his operas
Sonata a quattro No. 4 in B Flat Major
    +31 70 346 3045 / +44 208 547 3473